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About Our Program

Our program been around for over 50 years when Dr. Simeons a British doctor studying obesity in Rome studied weight loss. The great news is he did 20 years of clinical research that showed that there were no contraindications- whether someone had diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues or the prescription drugs that went with those illnesses as well as many other illnesses related to obesity.

We base our program on Dr. Simeons original protocol with a few exceptions. In the last few years new research has shown that Dr. Simeons original 500 calorie diet did not allow you to stay on the diet indefinitely through your weight loss, nor did it promote long term weight loss. With a 500 calorie diet you could easily be in a starvation mode while losing lean muscle. Our program caloric requirements range from 850 to1250 calories per day depending on your body type and lifestyle. We have added 4 protein snacks (2oz protein shakes & bars) throughout the day so that you are eating every couple of hours and can stay on the medicine until you reach your goal. Also, eating protein snacks keeps your blood sugar stable and balanced so it does not spike and make you hungry. Our ketogenic diet (no white sugar, white flour, grains or dairy) allows your body to get into ketosis where you are burning fat, feeling good and not hungry. Also, this allows your bad bacteria in the gut to die off and you will also get healthier as we help you eat for life.

What keeps us from burning stored fat fast? There are chemicals in our food supply that block our ability to burn stored fat. Those chemicals are known as MSG, high fructose corn syrup (all corn syrups) and artificial sweeteners (all but Stevia & Xylitol). Usually, when we go on a low calorie diet our body goes into starvation and store mode and we end up burning lean muscle instead of fat. Then when you eat again you put the weight back on plus more! So stay away from these chemicals for life to keep weight from returning. We also have a great maintenance program to help you reintroduce carbohydrates into your diet and keep the weight off!
You are purchasing whole foods from the market- protein like lean red meat, chicken and turkey breast, all white fish, salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab lobster, etc. Veggies and fruit are allowed for lunch and dinner and 4 protein snacks thru out the day.

Our program is refined to a simple glyco-protein - it is NOT a metabolic steroid or new growth hormone. Ours is a natural bio-identical hormone- made from a human source not synthetic.